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Peerspace brings people together, not only online, but face-to-face. We’re committed to the safety of our hosts and guests. We believe a safe transacting marketplace builds trust between hosts, guests, and our platform.

We are working hard to create a safe, reliable, and trustworthy community. Here are some of the things we’re doing behind the scenes to minimize booking risk and create peace of mind.

Risk monitoring

The Peerspace platform assigns a risk score to every confirmed booking, allowing us to look out for potential suspicious activity.

Identity verification

In cases where our abuse system flags someone, we may require them to prove that they really are who they say they are.

Rights to list

Listing accuracy and the legal right to a space are important to us. Sometimes we’ll ask hosts to provide documentation certifying their control over a given space.

Liability insurance

We were the first to build a custom insurance product for hosts in case something goes wrong. Hosts benefit from $1M supplemental general liability coverage on every booking.

Protected payments

We guarantee payments, securing and quickly releasing payouts after successful bookings.

Real reviews

After a booking, hosts and guests review each other and the experience with the space. These independent reviews help the community learn what to expect when they book.

Fraud protection

We require all communication and payments to take place within Peerspace. This allows us to support users with fraud safeguards, overtime collection, cancellation protections, and damages disputes.

Additional safety

Supervision of spaces is required during bookings. Hosts may install security cameras for safety purposes, which are always disclosed to guests upon booking.

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Safe social events

We believe in gathering to celebrate safely, but late night house parties are prohibited on Peerspace. We’ve created a policy that formalizes our stance on safe events and legal compliance that guests agree to on every event.

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COVID-19 health & safety measures

We have provided researched backed guidance to help hosts and guests to follow safety guidelines when making bookings. Hosts may also document their Enhanced COVID-19 Measures such as cleaning protocol, protective gear provisions, and social distancing requirements.

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Our community guidelines

Maintaining a trustworthy community means all users must interact in a professional, cordial manner. Some important highlights include:

  • Zero tolerance for discrimination against users
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Honest communication and transactions
  • Accurate representation of spaces
  • Zero tolerance for harassment and intimidation
  • Respectful use of spaces during bookings
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